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Learn how to use ultrasonic fat cavitation technology to help your clients reduce cellulite and melt fat. Our ultrasonic cavitation training covers everything you need to know to perform the treatment plus a bonus online Laser Lipo training is included.


Ultrasonic fat cavitation is a non-surgical¬ body contouring treatment procedure which uses ultrasound waves to break down fat without harming the surrounding tissues and nerves, providing a safe alternative to liposuction surgery. This revolutionary treatment can be used on all major areas of the body for the reduction of fat and cellulite. Also included in this course is a BONUS non-invasive Laser Lipo training.

Our online ultrasonic fat cavitation certification training course will take you through an in-depth understanding of what ultrasonic fat cavitation is and how it works, as well as providing you with all the practical knowledge you need to carry out this non-invasive body sculpting procedure. This intensive ultrasonic fat cavitation certification training covers everything you need to know to provide safe and effective ultrasonic fat cavitation treatments. What you’ll learn in this cavitation certification course:

  • What is ultrasonic fat cavitation
  • How ultrasonic fat cavitation works
  • What is radiofrequency skin tightening
  • How radiofrequency skin tightening works
  • Types of fat
  • Areas that can be treated
  • Contraindications
  • Client consultation
  • Treatment design
  • Step by step treatment protocols
  • Bonus sales and marketing guide
  • Bonus: Non-invasive Laser Lipo training

Course Duration:

  • Self-paced study with unlimited access to the online learning portal

Delivery Method:

  • Online


  • USD

Materials Included:

  • Videos
  • Online assessments
  • Downloadable client consent form
  • Certificate of completion

Course Requirements:

  • Computer access (this course is 100% online)
  • Internet access
  • Working email (your login credentials will be sent after registration)


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44 reviews for Online Ultrasonic Cavitation & RF Certification

  1. Amy W. (verified owner)

    Great course, I’m just starting out and knew a little already through my own research but this course filled in all the gaps. It covered The safety principles, operation, and it included a manual and I loved the quizzes. I feel quite prepared and I know I’ve got a trainer if I need anything in the future. Very fast support and replies.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Probably one of the most thorough fat cavitation course I’ve bought. I’ve bought around 5 online cavitation courses for my staff of four in my salon. The trainer Sarah asked me to leave a review and hope this helps!
    Course content was good. It covered everything and nothing was left out.
    Quality was very good. It was very well put together and my staff had no issues.
    Support was fantastic. Sarah was so helpful and issued the certificates fast.
    Very glad to have been part of this.

  3. Tracey

    Very easy to understand, written in plain English which I love. Very fast course that covered everything.

  4. Sandy

    Very happy. Thanks!

  5. Regina (verified owner)

    Liked the fact it was online and something myself and my partner can access later on to retrain if needed; the trainer said it was lifetime which is good.
    Full and complete training. No bells and whistles or fluff.

  6. Chandra

    Love the video training and cavitation manual. I even printed it out for when I conduct the treatment. Fast course and covers everything.

  7. Beth (verified owner)

    Only recently purchased a fat cavitation machine and needed training for myself and my other staff member. Great course. Very to the point and covered everything. Thanks Sarah.

  8. Katerina Muscedere (verified owner)

    This course for a beginner just learning how to do it, step by step is amazing. Any questions that need to be asked, this team is great at answering and works with you for the best result possible! The course taught so much information about things that would of never even came across my mind starting this business.
    so much thanks to the people who run this. AMAZING JOB!!

  9. Alicia Stevenson

    Very easy and lots of info, this makes me feel better about offering this service.

  10. Janisa (verified owner)

    Very professional and very fast to respond. Thanks again to Sarah who sent me the certificate. Very good value and very economical compared to many other courses out there.

  11. Steph Hansen (verified owner)

    Covered everything that needed to be covered. I recently bought a fat cavitation machine and looking for training on how to use it most effectively. The course is great, very step-by-step and very fast Customer Support. Just want to say a big thank you to Sarah 🙂 and the team of course!

  12. Jenny

    Thanks to the team and thanks to Sarah for the course. Very helpful and covered everything.

  13. Felix M. (verified owner)

    Was fast to respond and support me through the process. Great value for money compared to a lot of other courses out there (just thought I would pass that on). Good support, content covered what I needed, all my questions were answered.

  14. Jancinta

    I’ve done another course with a UK company and very old information. I liked this course for myself and for my other employee who helps with the treatments because it was up to date. Thanks to Sarah

  15. Jancinta (verified owner)

    I’ve done another course with a UK company and very old information. I liked this course for myself and for my other employee who helps with the treatments because it was up to date. Thanks to Sarah

  16. Janice Edwards & Team (verified owner)

    I have a salon and wanted to upskill my staff. Logins and access was instant, course was VERY good. A lot more info covered than what I first thought. I feel my staff now have a more better understanding of the process and procedure. Thanks to the trainers again.

  17. Josephine Windell

    Covered everything and left nothing out. Thanks again

  18. Susan H. (verified owner)

    Very practical training with minimal fluff. I would def suggest this program for anyone looking at performing fat cavitation treatments.

  19. Reena

    Really appreciate the support the team gave me. Thanks!

  20. Jordana

    Very satisfied I’ve got my certificate

  21. Helen (verified owner)

    Very informative course. Covered everything. Feel so much more confident now. Great value for money also. Thanks again.

  22. Mandy summers

    Great course. Very in depth and covered everything. Feeling a lot more confident now.

  23. Jessica and Avalon

    Glad I took this. Great support and all my questions were answered.

  24. Travers Kaka

    Thank you so much. Everything was covered and very fast to complete the course.

  25. EILEEN (verified owner)

    Content was easy to absorb so that made it a good course for me. I like that I can go back in anytime I need too.

  26. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Love your work CryoForm Body Contouring team! This ultrasonic cavitation training has given me real results, I can see the improvement in my technique and my clients results. The learning was fantastic!

  27. AMELIA S.

    Easy to complete. Was comprehensive from theory to consulting to how to do it and suggestions. It was great for me.

  28. Bec Grundy

    Before I bought I wasn’t sure but I am very sure now. It does have everything I need to know about cavitation and radio frequency. It went through step by step which was wonderful.

  29. Megan Francis (verified owner)

    I had a little knowledge before I started but doing this course helped me lots so that I can apply my knowledge and be professional for my customers. It had enough detail and wasn’t overbearing. I found it practical so I can apply this in everyday life.

  30. Jenny Thompson

    I enjoyed this course. It was thorough and concise

  31. Billie (verified owner)

    Very happy I bought this to expand my services. Much better than other courses I’ve done. It starts from basics and builds on this so you can remember all the content. And if I ever forget I can go back in and do the pieces I need to remember.

  32. Monique

    I am highly impressed with the Fat Cavitation Course I completed. Highly recommend!

  33. Emma S

    It covered everything without being super long. It was easily digestible information making it practical to implement in my Salon

  34. Ness (verified owner)

    Very informative I’m very happy with this course

  35. Moira

    Great Course, Easy to follow and I loved the hands on demonstrations that are included, It was just what I was looking for.

  36. Teresa (verified owner)

    Not hard to understand words.
    This course is excellent, not only does it give a complete overview of sessions and treatments but also the explain behind them and so much more.

  37. Josephine

    The video provided me with great information that was easy to comprehend. My only suggestion is to provide more courses on service that complement such as wood therapy.

  38. Caryl (verified owner)

    Good course gave me everything I needed plus some PDF as well

  39. Rayan

    Lots of important info given in a clear and easy to understand manner

  40. Rose (verified owner)

    It covered not only the way to do the treatments, but the science behind all the treatment processes and aftercare aspects which some ppl might not think about when focusing just on treatment.

  41. Isabella

    Would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase knowledge or for a refresher course

  42. Akiko (verified owner)

    Not hard to understand words. easy to follow

  43. Dominique

    Awesome learning I can do on my own. Great resources. Nice to listen to different teachers too. Thank you for sharing the background of it all!

  44. Zari (verified owner)

    I learned more from you then then what my friend learned here working at clinic in the US. Great course!

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