How Does RF Skin Tightening Work?

Radio Frequency skin tightening has been emerging as a popular non-invasive treatment option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The principle behind this technique relies on using RF energy to heat up your dermis, which will stimulate collagen production while also causing elastin fibers in order make you look tighter than ever before!

The heat from this machine stimulated collagen production and tightened your skin. It also improved blood flow, which helps with a better oxygen supply as well as clearance of toxins to reduce wrinkles even more!

While there are many different ways to deliver RF energy, the type that uses only one active electrode is called monopolar. If you have two of these on either side – i..e., as in a traditional battery pack – then your device would be considered bipolar!

Vacuum RF therapy uses two active electrodes that are combined with a vacuum suction to force the poles opposite each other and send electricity through all layers of skin.

The best RF treatment is applied with the highest specification equipment AND provided by the best-trained therapist. Radio Frequency treatment effectiveness depends on the following essential factors:

  • Monopolar vs. bipolar technology
  • Resistive vs. capacitive function
  • Low power vs. high power equipment
  • High frequency vs. low-frequency equipment
  • RF combined with other modalities, such as ultrasound or infrared vs. stand-alone RF
  • RF treatment protocols
  • Operator experience and specialization

We analyze all these factors in our Radio Frequency (RF) Certification Online, ensuring that you receive only top quality services for your needs.

We know that you’re probably wondering how to get started in the world of radiofrequency technology, and we’ve got just what your looking for! Find out more about our courses by contacting us today.


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